Post-doctoral Researchers

Ming Zhang

Mark Atkinson

PhD students

Esra Dasci (with Joe Sweetman)
Esma Ciftci (with Safi Darden and David Doyle)
Lucia Ferreira (with Andrew Livingstone)
Matt Richins (with Natalia Lawrence and Anke Karl)
​Melika Janbakhsh (with Daan Scheepers and Anna Rabinovich)
Stacey Heath (with Anna Rabinovich)
Elena Dimitriou (with Thomas Morton)

Former PhD Students

Marco Silva Rego

Katherine Steentjes, now at the University of Cardiff

Katherine Stroebe, now at University of Groningen

Maria Soledad Palacios Galvez, now at the University of Huelva

Sezgin Cihangir, now at Prismant

Current Collaborations

Olivier Klein, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
David Doyle, University of Exeter
Miguel Ramos, University of Oxford
Daan Scheepers, University of Leiden, the Netherlands
Ana Guinote, University College of London, UK
Anna Rabinovich, University of Exeter
Anna Newheiser, SUNY, Albany
Elizabeth Lee, Central Washington University, USA
Alex Haslam, University of Exeter, UK & University of Queensland, Australia
Cheryl Kaiser, University of Washington, USA
Denis Sindic, Institute of Social Sciences, Portugal
Naomi Ellemers, University of Leiden, the Netherlands
Floor Rink, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Frank de Wit, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Julia Becker, University of Marburg, Germany
Karen (Etty) Jehn, Melbourne Business School, Australia
Kimberly Kahn, Portland State, USA
Miguel Moya, University of Granada, Spain
Safi Darden, University of Exeter, UK
Stefano Pagliaro, Second University of Naples, Italy
Thomas Morton, University of Exeter, UK